Planning Tip: A Little Rain Anyone?

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 Since we're in the middle of hurricane season, most of our recent weddings have had to take into consideration what our "B Plan" will need to be as we get closer to the wedding day. While showers/rain are considered a blessing by most cultures, the thought of having to pull in your meticulously designed outdoor ceremony or reception indoors is not an easy decision.  Fortunately, when working with wedding professionals, like ourselves, your decision making process is sure to be a well though out one long before the wedding day.

Fortunately, because of dopplers, weather app's and the countless other resources, we can calculate by the minute if it will or will not rain.  While we realize the beauty of getting married outdoors or having part of the festivities following your ceremonies outside is the ultimate dream for most of our couples; we realistically plan for the worst because of a shower or rainstorm is not one most of our brides like to have to decide on.

As you are ironing out the details for your outdoor wedding, embrace the fact that you may have to go in.  Here are a few things to remember:
  1. As you look at your ceremony decor, see how it will translate indoors.  Are you using an arbor, gazebo or gate?  Can that be transferred indoors and reused?
  2. If your ceremony location is different than the reception (i.e. the park, beach or other locale), what system do you have in place to communicate the change to your guests?  If you have a wedding web page, this is a great way to relay the message.  Remember to add a note in your invite that encourages them to check the wedding page the morning of the wedding.
  3. Speak to your venue and vendors about when a rain call must be made. The more elaborate your set up and decor, the sooner that call will have to be made.
  4. Consider safety as you make decisions.  Opting to stay outside when there is a thunderstorm looming, is NEVER a good idea.  
  5. Remember, it may shower for an instant, but if the ground is soaked, you run a chance of ruining your dress, shoes and your guests shoes.  Depending on how much rain has fallen the ground will need more time to dry up.
Work with your professionals to ensure your "B" plan is as great as your "A" plan!
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tifi said…
Wonder if brides check the weather forecast for their big day, prior to choosing a date?

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