Daily Wedding Planning Tip: Who Cleans What?

Are you at a rented event hall for your wedding? 

If you have elected to have your wedding at a catering hall, city parks facility or private off site venue, you want to be certain you understand the cleaning rules.  Too many times we have heard of stories where the newlyweds, friends and family members have had to break down and clean up after an event.

While your caterer will most likely clean off the tables, break down linens, tables and chairs (if that is a part of your agreement with them); many places also require that trash from restroom trash receptacles and the facility be taken out.  They may also require that everything be clean and in the condition your received it.  Be sure to discuss what needs to be done with your event/wedding planner.  There are companies that provide a 'clean up' service if you need it.

All in all, plan in advance to ensure there are no surprises on your wedding day!  Be sure to ask, what are the clean up requirements for your rented facility!

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