Real Weddings: Tina & Jeremy

We will call this an east meets west wedding with a twist!  We love when our clients present us with the challenge of doing something different!  As we reflected on our weddings last year we realized that each were truly unique and had little things that made them not only memorable for the couple and their guests but our staff as well!  Of course Tina and Jeremy's would be no different than what we just stated above.  Our couple presented us with the challenge of finding them a location and great vendors to capture their vision.  The only small, tiny hitch - they lived nearly 3,000 miles away.  Not a problem at all!

Tina is from Vietnam and Jeremy is from the mountains of North Carolina.  They wanted their wedding to reflect those two cultures and authentically introduce their friends and family to the other cultures with a menu and event that represented themselves individually and as a new unit!  Challenge?  Hardly!  Especially when you have a great team of wedding professionals in your corner!  The first task was a location.  They were not the hotel ballroom type of couple.  We settled on the Winter Park Garden Club.  While most meetings were via Skype, phone and online conference, Tina's parents were able to visit the location.  Our bride and groom did not see it until the actual wedding day!

We met Tina and Jeremy once before their wedding day.  They flew in from Las Vegas on the red eye (poor things) and our first wedding professional/vendor appointment was at 9 am.  We visited all of their vendor options that day, tasted cake, and tasted menu options.  After our last appointment, they boarded a flight and flew to two separate directions.  You see the groom has one of the coolest jobs on earth.  He works with a company that creates tethering and special machinery used in most of your theatre productions, films and major theme parks!   Tina is an awesome one too, she is a pediatrician with the US Airforce.  Both had and still have very demanding schedules.

They picked their vendors very carefully.  With a morning ceremony, luncheon and a formal reception later on in the evening, the day would prove to be a long one.  Below are a few of the beautiful images captured by the talented Christopher Smith with Snap! Photography photos from their wedding day:

 Tina and Jeremy serve tea as a part of the Vietnamese ceremony.  Tina is wearing her traditional Vietanamese wedding gown.  The ceremony was officiated by her brother

The wedding ceremony was a traditional Vietnamese ceremony.  A program was created to describe the ceremony and cultural elements throughout the room.  We took care of the stationery in house for the couple and were able to help design an invite and all of their wedding day paper goods to reflect both of their personalities.  With Jeremy having a background in the arts he was able to help develop the look for everything.

By the way, there were three, yes three different cakes for the wedding.  Jennyfer from The Sugar Suite won our couples hearts with the options she provided them for their desserts.  For the luncheon Jeremy's mother was honored with one of her favorite desserts: STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE.  The mini cakes were set out on display along with an authentic strawberry shortcake (seen here).  

With two meals being served during the course of the day, we were challenged with making the room different from our lunch reception to our formal dinner reception.  Below you will see how color can truly change a room.  With custom linen and chiavari chairs from A Chair Affair, the room is transformed.
 During the luncheon we opted for the mahogany chair with a white pad and white linens.  We changed out the linens and pad to red for the evening reception with a apple green napkin.

 The wedding cake was a play on both cultures as well.  We had bamboo sticks along with dogwood blossoms (state flower of North  Carolina).  The dogwood blossoms were also used in their stationery as well.  The cake from The Sugar Suite was very delicious.

 One of our challenges was finding a favor that would represent both cultures.  Tina wanted to give out chopsticks.  Traditionally the Vietnamese chopsticks would have been wood or bamboo; but Tina broke tradition a bit and opted for the Korean Chopsticks above because they were stainless steel.  That meant that guests could reuse them.  The chopstick rests were a black bear to represent Jeremy & North Carolina.  It took us nearly two months to find the chopstick rests, but we found them!
 The catering was taken care of by the fabulous Arthur's Catering.  Allison Hux worked with the couple and their chef to create an authentic menu.  The couple and the bride's parents were able to taste the menu and Tina's parents gave a thumbs up on all of the Vietnamese dishes.  The first course would be Vietnamese, the second American and the third course a combination of both.  Arthur's paired dishes that complimented one another.  Our menu was in both English and Vietnamese to ensure that all guests would enjoy the experience.

 Tina and her bridesmaids wore traditional Vietnamese dresses (Ao Dai) for the cermeony.  The Ao Dai's they wore were the 'Mandarin Style', meaning it had a high collar. Later on Tina changed into a beautiful western gown for the formal reception.  The ladies had their hair and makeup up done by the talented Lena Graham at Absolutely Gorgeous Brides.  

  All of the beautiful floral design was done by the talented Lee Forrest at Lee Forrest Design.  For the morning and evening events, the floral design was very simple and clean.  with candles, black river rocks and floral the beautiful pieces fit perfectly into the overall look for the events.

Oddly enough, Tina and Jeremy said that their guests would not be the dancing crowd!  Well, that was not the case.  When a good DJ/Entertainment company can read the crowd, they will get the non-dancing crowd to dance.  All of their guests were dancing because of the fabulous DJ from Marc Burgess Productions.  He was able to get them on the dance floor and they stayed on the floor.

We really enjoyed working with Tina and Jeremy and we wish them all the best!

To see more photos of the details from the wedding, visit and 'like' our Facebook page.  Our Wedding Professional Team was amazing!  Here is a list of the team that made the day happen:

Venue: Mead Garden, Winter Park Garden Club              
Caterer: Arthur's Catering
Floral:    Lee Forrest Design
Photo: Snap! Photography
Chiavari Chairs: A Chair Affair Inc.
Other Rentals: Kirby Rentals
Entertainment: Marc Burgess Productions
Cake: Sugar Suite
Hair/Makeup: LGCD Inc

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