Don't rule out videography just yet!

Photo/Video Team at Rhodes Studios working to capture the moments at one of our recent weddings.

Over the last year we've had a few weddings where the bride has opted out of videography. Did you know that opting out of videography is one of the BIGGEST regrets many brides have had after the wedding? Why? Well, it is pretty simple: The video, like photography captures the moments for you, they are the two tangible pieces you will always have to refer back to when you think of or discuss your wedding.  Photos will capture the moment.  The video is an important element because it also adds sound, motion, realism to those moments.

Only an actual video will allow everyone to relive your wedding day as it actually happened. Moments like seeing you walk down the aisle, your sentiments expressed to your fiance before walking into your ceremony, your voices during your vows, the look on your fathers face when he sees you in your dress, the little ring bearer that walks down the aisle counting his pace, the bridal party swaying from side to side as you partake in your first dance and the relative who may have passed away in the times since your wedding dancing up a storm and giving the groomsmen more than he thought he could handle...the chance to have a complete audio and visual look at your day. I have had people ask how many times will they actually look at their video. Most fear the cheesy video that becomes a 'one hit wonder' or dust collecting bookend. If you take the time to select and hire a professional, you more than likely will end up with a great video that you will want to look at over and over again.

There are so many fabulous options for good, quality video, but you as a couple need to decide what you want out of the video. Your wedding planner can take your style and match you to the best Video Professional that falls within your budget, expectations and overall style.  Take the time to meet with the recommendations made by your planner and look at a few wedding video samples on the various videographer sites that you visit. It helps to narrow down your search as you make an important decision. This professional is capturing an important life moment, be certain it is the right fit for your day!

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