Wedding Guest Etiquette: Your Mother, Your Boo & Your Friend Too!

It has been INTERESTING as our clients have received RSVP's for all of their upcoming nuptials the last few months. We were amazed at how many of the brides have had to gently turn down invited guest's attempts to add uninvited guests to their wedding guest list.   One of our recent couples had to turn down a guests request to bring along their mother, friend and a new boyfriend.  Remember this is an intimate moment for the couple; as someone they love and cherish, you have been invited to bear witness and be a part of that day.  Be mindful of that and RSVP for the persons listed on the envelope only.

Remember there are a variety of expenses associated with a wedding or special gathering.  To  accommodate your request they are taking on additional expenses for someone they don't know.  Not to mention, you have placed the couple in an uncomfortable position to have to call you to let you know your extra uninvited guests will not be able to attend.  It's not just the cost of the food to the couple, but the additional chairs, linens, favors and alcohol.  Another factor to consider is the venue or locale may be restricted on the number of people they may have or their funds may be limited or committed to other expenses as they start their marriage.  Not to mention many couples trim off family members and other dear friends...yet, you want to impose a stranger on them so that you can bring along someone you may be familiar with? Instead look at the wedding as an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and share in a very special time for your friend.

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