The First Look: Why You Should Consider It.

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We have been busy over at the office as wedding season is in full steam. We have been fortunate to share in some of the most beautiful moments with our couple. This year we've experienced more of our couples taking advantage of having a private moment many call a 'First Look'. Simply explained, the 'First Look' gives the bride and groom an opportunity to see each other before the ceremony. For most of us that are extremely traditional this may seem a bit taboo, others may say it is bad luck and moreover many are just uncomfortable with the notion as it is not something you normally hear about. Well, from an planner's perspective, it truly is a beautiful moment for many reasons:

1. It is still the first time the couple will see each other on their wedding day.

2. It relieves any anxiety or nervousness the couple may have as they are able to see each other and enjoy that moment privately.

3. It is a great photo opportunity that your photographer can stage with your videographer, florist and planner. It gives ample time to take bridal party photos so you don't feel constrained by time and travel if you are going from one venue to another for ceremony and reception.

One of our January couple's (pictured below) had this experience and we remember getting the call after the wedding where the bride said she was so happy she decided to do that. The couple used that quiet moment to pray with one another and take in the events that were unfolding. Last night we were able to take watch the video from their wedding day (this will be featured in an upcoming Real Weddings post!)

Now if you decide the first look is not for you, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that. If you believe it is something you would wish to experience, contact your wedding professionals (wedding planner, florist, the venue, photographer and videographer) to appropriately plan out the best location for this special moment that you will relish for the rest of your lives!

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Your article is very interesting! Thank you for sharing. It's very attractive! And it offers me a lot of help. I'm looking forward to your next post!
I can see why the "First Look" practice is being accepted more & more. At least, couples have the option.

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