The Cost When a Wedding Guest Pulls a "No-Show"!

As a wedding guest, you have a responsibility to your host when you answer an RSVP with 'Yes! I'm attending'. In the last three weeks we have had two weddings and a corporate event for our Joie de Vie Clients. One of our weddings had a guest list of over 200 attendees. Once our guests were seated for dinner, my staff and I do what we normally do, collect the remaining escort cards and go to the tables to ensure that the guests are in fact not at the table. Sadly, the couple had more than 10% not show up for the wedding.

What does that mean to you as a guest? Well you've actually caused that bride and groom to spend money that could have been used for a guest that they had to cut out of their list. They also have now paid for a variety of services and items they can’t now be refunded for. To have 20 people not attend means they could have saved the following:

$3092 in Food & Beverage (assuming $89 for the meal $30 for the bar + service charge +taxes)
$ 250 for linens (chair covers, napkins, overlays)
$ 80 for stationery (printed programs, menus, place cards and table numbers)
$ 200 for centerpieces
$ 60 for favors
$ 80 for the cake
$ 100 for welcome bags (if they were expecting you to stay at the hotel with the room block)

That all totals out to at least $3862 or $193 per person attending the wedding. That is $3862 that the couple could have kept in their savings, upgraded their floral or applied to other services or items to ensure they had a wedding they wanted.

Be considerate of an RSVP. If you have an emergency beyond your control, it is simply that an emergency. IF, however, you realize you can't attend, try to give the bride and groom enough of notice so that they are not in a position where they've missed the deadline to adjust their numbers with their venue. What you may not realize is that many venues and caters have a time frame in which numbers can only be increased after the guarantee is made. Just the same a specialty linen company, stationer and florist have cut off times to meet production requirements. Take a moment to be considerate. Would you not want the same consideration?

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