Should I Have A Cash Bar At My Wedding?

Should you have a cash bar to minimize your costs? I've been asked this question a few times over the years. Well answer this, if you invited your friends and loved ones over for dinner, would you ask them to pay for every drink they had? Hopefully not, hence a cash bar at your wedding...should not be an option!
Instead, opt for a limited bar, beer and wine, specialty drink, a bar during cocktail hour and after dinner. Talk to your caterer or banquet manager at your venue to see what cost effective options you can consider to help with that cost. You may even consider cutting your guest list, reevaluating other parts of your budget...or no bar at all. Happy planning!

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Simply stated and I agree, you wouldn't invite guests over to your house and ask them to pay for every drink. There are many ways that brides can save. One just as you mentioned, having a limited bar. Another way they could save on the bar is have a Sunday afternoon brunch with just mimosa's!
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