Wedding Photo Of The Week: Father Escorting His Daughter Down The Aisle

As a wedding planner, we are typically the last one to see you before you walk down the aisle solo or with a parent. In that moment, we adjust your bouquet, make sure you are picture perfect and give you a final reminder to enjoy the day! The photo above is too fabulous for words. The photographer snapped a story in this one frame.

I can never stress the importance of having a great photographer as a part of your wedding professional team! Once the day is over, your photos and video are the pieces you will show for the rest of your lives. I have a new feature here on the Joie de Vie blog called "Wedding Photo of the Week". Simply put, it's a photo that I fell in love with while perusing through some of my favorite photographers blogs and/or websites. The photos featured will speak for themselves, however, I will tell you why I love them.

Our fist featured photo is from the fabulous Ross Oscar Knight. Ross is an international photographer based out of Atlanta. This photographer is amazingly talented and the photo above was taken this past January. The couple had an unforgettable destination wedding weekend in the city of Antigua, Guatemala with 65 of their closest friends and family. Their intimate celebration, was held in the ruins of an 18th century Cathedral. They wanted a ceremony that would perfectly blend both of their American and Guatemalan cultures. The photo is the bride entering the cathedral with her father. What a special moment that must have been! What is even better is that the photographer snapped just the right picture at the right moment. Definitely one of my favorite's!

If you would like to see the remaining photos from this wedding, visit Ross Oscar Knights blog by clicking here.

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"I can never stress the importance of having a great photographer as a part of your wedding professional team!"

I totally agree. You can never go back on that day. So might as well have the the best of what there is.

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