Wedding Professional Wednesday: Rev. Glynn Ferguson

We're back with our spring season of Wedding Professional Wednesday's! If you've never read our WPW Series, this is a great way to get to know our Central Florida Wedding Professionals. Since the Fall of 2008, Joie de Vie Weddings & Events has featured many of the professionals we have had the pleasure of working with in the wedding industry.

Today we are featuring one of our beloved Officiant's. Over the last 4 years, I've had the opportunity to work with Rev. Glynn Ferguson and I've always admired his unique way of handling weddings. He always makes sure the bride and groom's personalities are reflected in their ceremony. He is also hilarious and truly makes the couple feel at ease during the nervous moments before the ceremony. It's truly a pleasure to feature Rev. Glynn Ferguson with Sensational Ceremonies:

Name of your Company: Sensational Ceremonies, LLC.

Location: Kissimmee, though I’ve got staff in Celebration and Sanford as well.

Number of Years in Business: I’ve been performing weddings for almost 20 years


Blog Address:

Twitter and/or facebook fan page:
Twitter: FLWedMinister
Facebook: Rev. Glynn Ferguson

Tell us a little about your business and the services you offer: We officiate weddings for couples that want a custom crafted wedding ceremony. No two couples are the same and so it is our feeling that no to ceremonies should be the same. We try to make all our ceremonies very personal to the couples with whom we work.

How did you get started in the Wedding Industry? Well being a minister since 1989 I have always loved working with couples as they prepare to enter into married life. Performing weddings is about ministering to the couple in such a way that we can help them get a good start in married life.

What professional organizations or networking groups are you a member of? Association of Bridal Consultants, Orlando Wedding Guild

Any industry awards or recognition? Wedding Wire recognized us with a Brides Choice Award just a few weeks ago.

Furthest place and/or interesting place you’ve traveled to while working on a wedding assignment? I’ve performed weddings in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and even in the Bahamas.

What are a few suggestions you would make to couples as they are selecting an officiant for their wedding? Find someone who will listen to you and let you make your wedding ceremony, YOUR ceremony.

What are some unique ideas have you seen incorporated into ceremonies recently? I love the “Warming of the Rings” ceremony. Couples pass their rings to their family members for them to send their best wishes or blessings to the couple. This is a great way to connect with your guests.

In cases of inter-faith ceremonies, can you provide us with examples as to how you were able to incorporate different faiths/beliefs? I have worked several times with a local Rabbi to perform services like these. Also, many faith beliefs have rich traditions that we can incorporate into the couple’s ceremony.

Are you a blog reader? If so, what are your three favorite blogs besides the Joie de Vie blog? I read a few, but nothing on a regular basis. Most of the time I look for blogs on topics that I am studying personally. I love to read some of blogs from fellow wedding industry leaders. They, like you, usually have their finger on the pulse of changing trends in the wedding industry. What is the best photo stance, colors for brides-maid dresses, wedding words, etc..

If you weren't a working in this industry, what field would you be in instead? Why? I love working with senior adults. Every week I volunteer and preach at a local retirement community. They have so much left to give, but there are so few people who will take time to listen to them. I think of them as “my girls.”

What would we be surprised to learn about you? I do triathlons, open water swims, and marathons. I may not be the fastest, but I’m like the Energizer Bunny. Sidebar: Now, this shocked me! "Rev. Glynn the athlete", lol!

When not working on a wedding, what are your favorite pastimes? Spending time with my wife and 3 kids.

As you pull together the details for your wedding. Consider Rev. Glynn when looking for a wedding officiant. We hope that you were able to learn a bit more about Rev. Glynn and Sensational Ceremonies!

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