Photofetti: Unique Idea for Your Wedding!

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Darcy Miller in Palm Beach. Darcy briefly told us about a product that would be featured on the Martha Stewart Show. The product she featured was confetti made out of photos! Darcy mentioned a few ways the confetti could be incorporated into the wedding events. I immediately thought of weddings from my childhood when we would toss rice as the newlyweds exited (yes, I remember that far back ;>). The confetti is a real update to an old tradition!

There are various places you can get the confetti and two of our favorites are Photofetti and Custom Labels 4 U. Photofetti (pictured above) is a great way to add a bit of flair and uniqueness to your wedding day. All you have to do is send them your favorite pictures (up to 10 photos) and select your 3 coordinating colors for the solid colored confetti's and you have a unique item to set your day apart from the rest. Custom Labels 4 U is a bit different. I love the fact that they still incorporate your personal photos(pictured below), however, they also have fun shapes that can be linked to your theme or destination.

The confetti from Custom Labels 4 U allow you to customize shapes and colors.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate the photo confetti to your wedding day:

Prior to the wedding- Create a save the date magnet or postcard and include a few drops of the photo confetti into the envelope. When your invited guests receive their save-the-date, there is a nice surprise that will fall out of the envelopes. One of my favorite daily reads, Creature Comforts featured Lisa Rupp's design of a Save the Date which is similar to what I am suggesting.

Align Center
From the Creature Comforts blog.

During your showers or special luncheons- Utilize the confetti on your tables.

For the wedding- Place the Photo confetti in glassine bags that your guests can toss at you as you walk up the aisle after your ceremony. You will have to find out what the clean up requirements are for your venue. You especially need to find out if there is an additional clean up fee associated with doing this.

As seen on

During the Reception- If you are not including candles in your decor, this would be a great option to have shot off in a confetti cannon during your first dance, or during some special part of the evening.

As seen on the Mimi and Karl Blog

At the end of the night- a great send off and photo as you exit your wedding reception. There are biodegradable options for your confetti too! Below is confetti you can purchase online at Beau-Coup!

Photo confetti is a great alternative to making your wedding day or special event more a memorable affair. Years ago we would toss seeds and rice, now we have more options to make an old tradition modern yet classic. Do you have any suggestions on how you can incorporate the confetti or other tossing item for your wedding? We would love to hear from you!

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CarrieWildes said…
that is such a cute idea!!!
Cannon said…
I really like this. It is really cool.

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