Pantone Fall 2010: Fall's Fantasy

It's Fashion Week! Twice a year the experts get together to showcase the Fashions for the upcoming season. Well Bryant Park is full of color this season and it always looks to the Pantone Fashion Report to determine what colors will set the tone for the season. The Fall 2010 report was just released and you will certainly see these colors transformed into wedding fashions. Your brides maids dresses will be available in many of the colors released on the report.

PRACTICALITY sets the tone for the color palette this season. Leatrice Eisemen (the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute® said that they were mindful of consumers’ need for practicality but they also understand that the consumer wants something new. The designers are offering options that allow us to extend and embellish our wardrobes this fall.

“Building on the color palette from spring, this
season’s offerings include innovative takes on
fundamental basics, as well as transporting,
lively colors that conjure images of travel and
adventure, whether real or aspirational.” - Leatrice Eiseman

The 62-page report features 34 of the top designers and their interpretations of these fabulous colors. Of course Lagoon is my favorite color out of the ten! You can look through the report by clicking here or on the color palette above. Are any of the colors above a part of your palette for your fall wedding? We would love to know how you are incorporating the colors!

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Johanna Polynice said…
Thank you for posting this. I just read the past fashion reports on your blog too! I never thought about how the colors are determined.

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