We're here...on a vacation, but here!

We hope that the holidays have been filled with great memories, time with your loved ones and fantastic moments!

The last few weeks have been very busy here at Joie de Vie! We have much to blog about with the coming year. We've lost some 'cool points' in that we haven't kept you up to day with all of our happenings, but do not fear: We will bring you up to speed soon!

We also have a good amount of professionals that are a part of our Wedding Professional Wednesday Series that will be featured over the next few weeks. We're working...

Until next time,

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Shelly said…
May your holidays be bright with the light of love and warm with peace and joy. Look forward to reading more. It's a "GOOD" thing if you're not able to keep up with your blog, it lets us know that you are making more beautiful weddings. May God continue to pour His blessings on you and your gift as a wedding coordinator. (SN: I see you're also following Ross Oscar Knight) isn't his work AMAZING!! He will definitely be my photographer, so you'll be working with him when God sends me my Prince Charming (LOL). Take care Kerline.
Kerline Docteur said…
Awww thanks Shelly! I'm still devloping patience, however, God has not failed me yet!

Ross Oscar Knight is amazing! I've loved his work since the "Remember the Ritz" engagement session (I still cry when I watch that).

Whenever you are ready girl...let me know! ;)
Shelly said…
YES, I've deleted many emails, but that's one email that I will never delete. That was a true love story. By any chance, do you know where they are at now. I know they had a website to follow their wedding live last year November, but I never heard anything else. take care and Happy New Year!!

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