Wedding Professional Wednesday: Carrie Wildes Photography

It's Wednesday! I am happy to bring you our weekly edition of Wedding Professional Wednesday! This weeks professional is a great photographer that I met a little over a year ago. Carrie Wildes is a total sweetheart and she has a very distinct eye that transcends through the photo lens. Carrie is our featured professional and you've seen some of her work from one of our 2009 clients, Janelle and Leon. She shot their engagement as well as their wedding this past September. Anyway, enough of my rambles...I present to you Carrie Wildes!

Name: Carrie Wildes

Name of your Company: Carrie Wildes Photography

Location: Tampa, FL

Number of Years in Business: technically almost 2:-)

Blog Address:

Tell us a little about your business and the services you offer:
Our style is always evolving, and can be described as a mix of fashion and photojournalism. Our 2 main objectives are equal: 1. Creating amazing images and 2. Giving each client the best experience and custom service possible. We offer custom wedding packages that can include 2 photographers, albums, canvas prints etc, as well as intimate boutique coverage to allow for the same creative work for a smaller setting.

How did you get started in the Wedding Industry?
6 years ago I went on a mission trip to the Philippines and became kind of the "group photographer" after that I feel in love with capturing the beauty and heart of people. Some of my friends really encouraged me to do it more so I started working with a photography company in Chicago and got into doing weddings and loved it. When we moved to Tampa about 2 years ago I decided to put it out there and see where it went and it totally took off! I'm so blessed to have found what I love and be able to use the talent that God gave me.

What professional/industry organizations are you a member of?
National Association of Catering Executives, Professional Photographers of America, Tampa Chamber of Commerce

Any industry awards or recognition? Wedding Wire Top Rated Vendor. We also have two weddings airing on two networks next year on MTV (airing on January 18, 2010) and WE TV (airing in April of 2010)!

Furthest place and/or interesting place you’ve travelled to while working on a wedding assignment?
So far Jamaica which was amazing!!! Next year Playa Del Carmen for a wedding and Trash the Dress session in the caves on the ocean.

The craziest thing you’ve ever done to get “THE SHOT”?
Two places come to mind, wading in a alligator infested pond, and climbing on top of a van.

What is your signature shot?
In other words if someone saw a particular shot they would immediately relate it to your company: Well there isn't really one shot I do the same at each wedding. The best way I can describe it is that my goal is to capture amazing images that are beautiful on their own but also ones that can tell a story when they are laid out side by side or in an album.

What are a few suggestions you would make to couples as they are selecting a photographer/photojournalist for their wedding?
I always tell brides the most important thing is that they really connect with their photographer and love their work. The photographer is going to be there from before the bride has her dress on until the party is winding down and it's so important for the couple to feel comfortable with that person and trust that their guests will as well.

Your thoughts on ‘first look’ photos or bride and groom photos prior to the ceremony?
I really enjoy doing "first look" photos because you capture the first time a bride and groom sees each other in private and they actually have a few minutes to react and live in that moment. It's most likely the only time they will have by themselves until they leave for the honeymoon:-)

Your thoughts on the importance of a coordinator in the vendor team dynamic?
Having a good coordinator is a crucial part of the success of a couple's wedding day. If a couple doesn't have one I always explain the importance of having a professional coordinator for at minimum, day of. The coordinator is the one who works with all the vendors and details so the bride and groom can enjoy their special day. I have my own business, but at each wedding I work with the other vendors as a team and the coordinator is the point person that makes it happen and brings everything together so make it a success.

Something you would like to see couples do more of with their wedding photography?
Allow for more time between the ceremony and reception for pictures of them because this is the happiest point and my favorite part to photograph, right after the wedding they just got married and are so happy!

What are a few trends and innovations you have seen in the industry?
Lighting and draping has really started to get more popular and it really creates an ambiance and unique feel to the reception. I see brides now really want to create something that is unique and are adding things like expresso bar or photobooth as well.

Are you a blog reader? If so, what are your three favorite blogs besides the Joie de Vie blog?
Of course Joie de Vie:-) I blog a lot myself and also try to keep up with others, especially photographers because that is where I get inspiration from when I need some creativity! Here's the 3 I have been watching lately: Kiss The Groom, Skog As In Vogue and the Ben Chrisman Blog.

If you weren't a working in this industry, what field would you be in instead? Why?
I would probably still be in the corporate world traveling and consulting like I was doing before getting into photography. Although, if I could choose any job I would love to host "World's Best" on the travel channel.

What would we be surprised to learn about you?
I have an engineering degree from Purdue University and prior to photography I was an Industrial Engineer for 6 years doing different things from logistics to internal consulting. It's funny because people usually do a double take when I tell them that:-)

Any hobbies or pastimes?
My favorite things to do are outside, so I'm so glad we moved from Chicago to Tampa! Water Skiing, wakeboarding, running - and my latest thing is training for the Disney Marathon coming up Jan 10th!

Describe yourself or your services in four (4 words or less): Passionate, Creative, Calm, Detailed

As an Orlando based wedding and event planner, we love having the opportunity to refer the Joie de Vie Weddings & Events clients to photographers like Carrie. Carrie is definitely passionate, creative, amazingly calm and always paying attention to the details. Details are what make coordinators like myself happy when Carrie is working on a wedding. As a bride you've taken months to have the details that make your day stand out be certain to interview photographers like Carrie Wildes Photography for your wedding day.

Until next time,

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