Breast Cancer Awareness! For Jacqueline, Francoise and Lili!

Four years ago my Aunt Jacqueline passed away from breast cancer, a few years before her my cousin Francoise also passed away from breast cancer. With a family history of cancer, this month is always bitter sweet. Bitter because my aunt and a cousin lost their battle. Sweet because my cousin Lili's diagnosis was early enough to treat it and she's been in remission for nearly a year.

I urge each of you to urge yourself and your loved ones to be aware of this illness. As a bride or groom planning your wedding, you can truly support the cause in many ways. Over the next few weeks we hope to introduce you to various resources that support Breast Cancer Research. As many of you may know, one of my favorite blogs is Color Me Inspired. I love the poster they had as their free download on their Monday blog post. It simply said: Once You Choose Hope, Anything is Possible.

What we are doing this month is to support Breast Cancer Awareness?
Well, we will continue to support Brides Against Breast Cancer and the annual Orlando Gown Sale, however we are also supporting Pink Initiative! Pink Initiative is a collection of wedding industry professionals and private donors dedicated to funding awareness, outreach, education and research for breast cancer. They were just given their 501c(3) status and the wedding industry professionals involved are committed to supporting on a monthly basis.
Our support and commitment to both organizations will be two-fold going forward:
1. We will make a monetary contribution to Brides Against Breast Cancer & Pink Initiative for every new client agreement signed for our consulting packages.
2. In addition to that annual commitment, for the month of October, I will contribute a total of $1 (50 cents toward each cause) for every comment left on the any post you find interesting on the Joie de Vie blog, to Pink Initiative & Brides Against Breast Cancer.

(for my facebook fans, the comment must be on the Joie de Vie Blog it is easier for me to track on the blog).

Breast cancer affects one in eight women in her lifetime. We’re helping because we can. We at Joie de Vie Weddings & Events, choose hope & we are also choosing to help.
What is your choice?

Until next time,

To learn more about either cause, click on the thumbnails below:

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Anonymous said…
Good luck with this. That is very thoughtfull of your company to make such a commitment. I have family members that were effected with cancer and it was a financial struggle with great insurance.

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