Father/Daughter Dance: Your Joy by Chrisette Michele

This is Joie de Vie's new favorite Father/Daughter song. Grammy Award winning artist Chrisette Michele's song, Your Joy is from her debut album titled "I Am". Our bride this past weekend selected this song and the words were so poignant and truly reflected the relationship she has with her father. The bride was and still is the apple of her father's eye and you could see his happiness as he twirled her on the dance floor. I've heard that when words fail, music speaks. Such is the case with this song.

I linked the You Tube video to the post for you to listen to the song.

Until next time,



Shelly said…
I'm a fan of Chrisette Michele. The first time I heard this song I automatically added it into my ipod wedding favorites playlist. I'm so tired of hearing "Dance with my Father."

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