Wedding Professional Wednesday: Rose Robinson with The Invitation Lounge

Our featured professional for our Wedding Professional Wednesday Series is a phenomenal young woman I met when I first became a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants. Rose Robinson with The Invitation Lounge gives stationery that unique touch that makes it EXTRAORDINARY. I am a true lover of paper and I was truly amazed when I got a chance to flip through her portfolio. She thinks outside the box and gives your guests something to look forward to when they open up your wedding Save-the-date or Invitation. I am happy to feature Rose Robinson as our Wedding Professional. She is witty, hilarious, creative and a true professional. I hope this feature gives you a little insight on Rose:

Name: Rose Robinson

Name of your Company: The Invitation Lounge

Location: Orlando, FL & soon to open: Boston, MA

Number of Years in Business: 5


Blog Address:

Tell us a little about your business and the services you offer:
I offer custom designed invitations, programs, menus, etc. to fit their theme and colors of your event. As an extension of my service, I also offer RSVP and seating arrangement service.

How did you get started? I ordered invitations for brides for another Orlando wedding planner. When I was planning my wedding, I created my programs and added an additional touch to my winter wonderland invitations that were mailed in boxes. I received rave reviews and decided to provide invitation design to brides in addition to the popular invitation company lines that I carried.

What professional organizations or networking are you a member of? Association of Bridal Consultants

Furthest place and/or interesting place you’ve travelled to while working on a wedding assignment? I travelled to Boston to create Menus and programs at the last minute.

What are a few suggestions you would make to couples as they are selecting a professional in your service are for their special day? Invitations and/or Save the Dates are the gateway to your event and should depict it’s style. Do not take for granted that people will “throw” away your invite or that invitations cost too much money. If you want to dictate what your guests will expect and how you want them to dress, the invitation is very important.

What are the trends and innovations in your service area?
Pockets, Pockets, Pockets! Bride and grooms like the neatness of pocketed invitations. The popular colors are fuchsia and lime green, pink and brown and blue and brown.

What are your three favorite blogs besides the Joie de Vie blog? and of course mine!

If you weren't a working in this industry, what field would you be in instead? Why?
Probably in acting! I love writing plays and reading books.

Favorite Reality Show?
There is so many, where do I start?

What show do you Tivo/DVR?
Get Married, Whose Wedding is it Anyway?, Smallville, and Making the Band.

Your special event is as unique as you would like it to be. Stationery is a special touch that when executed properly will cause your guests to look forward to your day with greater anticipation. Contact Rose for an opportunity to set the tone with beautiful papers.

Until next time,


Michelle Guzman said…
Beautiful stationary. I checked out the website and love it.
Rose Robinson said…
Thank you Michelle. Very soon, we will be showcasing our newest line!


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