Wedding Planning Break: A weekly date night with your fiance!

We love helping our brides plan their weddings. Like many event planners, wedding planners or bridal consultants, it truly is an honor to be a part of the wedding planning process. When we first sit with our couples at Joie de Vie Weddings & Events, we always stress to them the importance of making the planning process and enjoyable one where they are building the foundation of their relationship. Often times that means taking a mental break from the wedding planning. No discussions of guest lists, colors, the budget or the minutia of the day.

If I could give one piece of advice, it is this: Take the time to plan some fun things during your engagement process. Of course you and your fiance have always been fun individuals, you are the life of the party and you certainly do not need me to provide you with tips on how to be romantic. What I want to remind you is to remember the elements that have kept the flame in your hearts. I would suggest once a week or once every other week where you have a "NO WEDDING TALK" date!

Now you know what your likes and dislikes are! here a 5 little things you can do to kick start your "US TIME":
  1. Go down to your favorite lakefront park and just take a walk. Take a walk, holding hands the entire time and just take a moment to breathe. Pack a picnic lunch, snack or wine and cheese (if you don't care to cook - pick up a few items at your favorite gourmet store) and set that out for the two of you to just enjoy. This would be great during a late afternoon or right before sunset.

  2. Take a day to go to a local amusement park (i.e. Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Six Flags or Busch Gardens). Be a big kid and scream your lungs out on the rides (great de-stresser too!).

  3. If the budget is not too tight -- have a couples spa day. Let someone pamper you with a couples massage. If the budget is tight, turn it into a home spa night. Some great candles, soft music and treat your fiance to a great mani/pedi followed by a wonderful massage.

  4. If your fiance is a video game fanatic, take some time to learn his/her favorite game and play. This could be a tournament of sorts with your own rules and you get to come up with the prizes (allows some room for creativity).

  5. Go out for a nice romantic dinner. Get dressed up, have a nice dinner at a venue that has some great live jazz, soul or soothing music that will allow you to talk to one another throughout the evening. If the budget is tight, cook a simple romantic candle lit dinner together and have a nice evening at home.

We have a few more suggestions, but we will leave that for another time!

Until next time,



Great post, Kerline! This is so important for engaged couples to remember!

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