Your Wedding Entertainment, IPOD...NOT! Part II (A repost from another blog)

A few weeks ago, I caught an early morning wedding show as I had my coffee before starting my day. Imagine my dismay when I heard the host tell his national audience that one way to save money on their wedding is to have an IPOD as their reception entertainment. UHHHHH NO! Now considering that Joie de Vie Weddings & Events duty to its clients is to tell them about vendor options that are the best options for their event, you can imagine what I was feeling. Now budgets are tight, the economy has made them tighter, but now more than ever...bring on a professional for your entertainment.

Being that I am connected to my industry professionals and colleagues on Facebook, I was not surprised when a few of them responded to my post regarding that wedding show. Elisa Delgardio and Susan Southerland, two of our area Professional Bridal Consultants, had a posts on their blogs on the very subject.

Elisa's post was from an actual wedding experience in which there were a few snafoo's from having an officiant become the unofficial DJ/MC for the reception. I remember a similar experience nearly two years ago when the bride an groom used an IPOD karaoke machine as their sound system (oooh boy!). Elisa's insight on the entire situation can be read here on her blog.

Susan Southerland's post on the Perfect Wedding Guide Blog gives her insight into reasons why you don't want to pick the IPOD over the professional. Here are some points from her blog:

Well, I cannot argue that an iPod is a wonderful piece of technology and it can certainly play any music you may want to hear, but before you scrap the professional, let me share with you a few thoughts on why my preference still lies with hiring a pro.

  1. While the iPod itself may cost less than a professional wedding DJ, the equipment you need to amplify the music in the room may cost as much, if not more, to rent than the DJ’s fee.
  2. If you want to have a blessing and/or toasts, you will also need to rent a microphone. That will add yet another cost.
  3. A professional wedding DJ is more than someone who just plays music, he is an emcee, he reads the crowd and adjusts music to get or keep people dancing and he coordinates with other vendors to make sure the events of the evening, like the first dance, cake cutting and bouquet toss get photographed and recorded.
  4. The professional wedding DJ will help you organize your reception so you know when is the best time to dance, toast, eat, cut the cake, etc. He will also help you plan introductions and special announcements.
  5. An iPod offers no interaction. If you don’t have a crowd that will jump up and dance on their own, you may have a boring reception.
  6. Finally, who wants to be responsible for setting up equipment and making sure it runs smoothly throughout the evening? More importantly, what happens if the equipment fails. Do you want to have a backup system on hand?
Read the entire entry here on the Perfect Wedding Guide Blog. I figured this would be a great post to link on the Joie de Vie Weddings & Events, Inc. Blog. Many area professionals gave their opinion on Facebook and the Blog. The wedding day is one day, you want the memories to be great ones.

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Kerline Docteur said…
Here are some thoughts off of my facebook regarding this post:

Wendy Goelz Kopasz at 12:09pm March 23
Entertainment is what guests remember the most. What is the first thing people always say regarding the wedding they were just at??? "The DJ was awesome and we had a great time..." OR "The DJ stunk and no one danced." Hiring a true "wedding DJ" is a priceless investment. Soundwave Entertainment,
Bradford said…
I'm with you for sure... the reception needs a DJ or else its hard to bring the party to life!

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