Your Wedding Bouquet: Are you holding it just right as you walk down the aisle?

As an Orlando based wedding planner, I have seen my fair share of brides go down the aisle. Before the bride steps through the opend doors at the church, steps onto the grass in the garden or outdoor space, or enters the ballroom for her special day it is Joie de Vie Weddings and Events responsibility to make sure the bride is picture perfect. We always take that last second to tell the bride and her escort (father, loved one or if she's flying solo) to take a deep breath, enjoy the moment and take her time going down the aisle. After all she is beautiful, dress is perfect and bouquet is perfect! Well, we also take that last second to ensure the bouquet is ...perfectly placed. You are definitely enjoying the moment and I want your photography and videography to truly capture that moment beautifully.

As trivial as it may seem; it is the difference between this:
(Photo as seen in Grace Ormonde's Wedding Style Magazine. Photographer: BLR Life Photography)

And this:
Bold(as seen on the Zen Todd Photography Blog)

Now both pictures above are absolutely beautiful, however, in the top photo, the bride is hiding the details in her gorgeous dress behind the beautiful bouquet. You've picked a beautiful wedding gown that reflects your style and what you've always dreamed of in a wonderful dress. You want the details of the gown to show in your pictures and your video. You don't want that swallowed up or hidden by your bouquet. After all the bouquet is there to further enhance the gown and your beauty. Your wedding bouquet like your jewelry is an accessory for your wedding attire.

So my quick tip on this is:
1) Hold your bouquet low as you walk down the aisle. Depending on the style of the bouquet, that may be low near your navel or on the side. Remember, the bouquet should not look like a microphone you are singing into.

2) If you are walking with both parents, holding the bouquet can be awkward. What I typically recommend is that you hold your fathers arm and have your mother hold your elbow so that you are comfortably holding your bouquet.

3) Be careful with your bouquet and gown. We always recommend that you check to ensure that moisture from your florals or the stems do not touch your dress. Its an extra, but necessary, second to pat down the stems with a towel.

If you forget those details, no worries! You will still enjoy your beautiful wedding. Of course we at Joie de Vie are striving for perfection, so we will make sure we remember to remind you of that final detail shortly before you walk down the aisle!

Happy Planning!


Great article! I'm always correcting my clients and their bridal parties! I tell them that it elongates their body and makes them look skinny! It's an optical illusion!
Kerline Docteur said…
Yes, and they will thank you later in pictures! Thank you for the feedback!
True, true. Many times I use the phrase "sometimes it seems there is a helium balloon attached, because they tend to float up. Keep your bouquet low. We want to the beautiful smiles & pretty faces!"
So true! Flowers are beautiful, but not more beautiful than the bride!

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