Brides Against Breast Cancer Orlando 2009 - A few professional photos!

Last week I mentioned that I was volunteering with the Brides Against Breast Cancer Gown sale in Orlando. I had a few crazy photos, but at last I've had the chance to post some of the professional photos. Allan Saltman of Allan Jay Images had some great photos of the VIP night on his blog.

Sara, a Breast Cancer SURVIVOR has modeled for us the past three years. She always speaks to the attendees regarding the importance of taking care of your 'girls'. She is actually wearing the gown that our Gown Sale Raffle winner selected for herself.

This is me clowning around before the show. I was talked into modeling that day. Still trying to hunt down photos of myself in a dress!

Click here to see the other photos from the VIP night. You will see a few of my wedding colleagues modeling during the show.


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