Wedding Professional Wednesday: DJ Carl Entertainment

When we at Joie de Vie Weddings & Events sit with our clients to plan their day. The Entertainment and sound is a major concern for almost all of my couples. They want to ensure that they have a true professional for their entertainment. The DJ/Entertainer/MC must be a person that can articulate and enunciate the names of the parties. They must also be able to read the crowd and determine what music would be best for that crowd. Our next featured professional for Wedding Professional Wednesday is DJ Carl. Carl has been a DJ for over a decade and is sought after by many across the nation for his services. I have had the opportunity to work with Carl several times over the last few years. No two events have ever been the same when he was directing the entertainment. Carl definitely tries to stay ahead of the trends and changes in the wedding industry. We are very pleased that he took a moment to participate in our Wedding Professional Wednesday Series.

Name: Carl Williams aka DJ Carl

Name of your Company: Entertainment, LLC

Location: Orlando, FL and New York, NY

Number of Years in Business: 10+ years

Tell us a little about your business and the services you offer: I run a full-time, professional disc jockey service

How did you get started?
I started part-time as a sophomore at Penn State playing at fraternity parties

What professional organizations or networking are you a member of?
Member, New York Chapter, Recording Academy. I can go to the Grammys!

Any industry awards or recognition?
Recognized by DJ Times Magazine as one of the best mobile DJs in the country .

Furthest place and/or interesting place you have travelled to while working on a wedding assignment?
I have done a wedding/events in New York. I was just in the Cayman Islands for New Years Eve. I dee jayed in Japan fo an opening of a nightclub.

What are a few suggestions you would make to couples as they are selecting a professional in your service are for their special day?
Music is very important, however, you want someone who can articulate on the microphone in an organized manner conveying a clear message.

What are the trends and innovations in your service area?
We will see more music videos mixed on computers at weddings. Another trend is LED lighting that is smaller and can add more color to a room.

If you weren't a working in this industry, what field would you be in instead?
I would be working on web sites, helping to optimize them and adding video to the sites too.

Favorite Reality Show?
American Idol is definitely my favorite.

What show do you Tivo/DVR?
American Idol.

If you are looking for someone that can look at your crowd and determine what will get them on the dance floor, DJ Carl is the person you want on your Vendor Team! Until next time...



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