I Still Have A Dream...don't you?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
(January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

Hello everyone! I have a very short post today on the blog. Joie de Vie Weddings & Events, Inc. is only a part of what I dared to dream a few years ago. I still have many dreams and goals that I have yet to realize, yet every day I work towards those dreams.

This weekend I had the pleasure of volunteering during many of the MLK festivities with the City of Orlando's MLK Commission. I was humbled by the group of students I was working with from the University of Central Florida's Club Kreyol and a few middle school and high school students that were paired up with them as we registered voters at Lake Eola and City Hall. The college students had a unique opportunity to talk to these young impressionable minds about college and the ability to make the right decision for their future. I could not help but to think that these young minds were truly experiencing a different world than their ancestors just one or two generations before. Dr. King would be proud!
In honor of Dr. King's 80th Birthday, I dedicate this post to his memory. If you would like to listen to the "I Have A Dream" speech, click on the link here.
Unbelievably, there are still unregistered voters out there! We were able to register four (4) new voters.


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