Win a Platinum Wedding Band Set For You And Yours!

One of the beautiful parts of the Holiday Season is that many beautiful couples become engaged. The excitment that comes with that is one shared with friends, family and loved ones. Well if you are one of those lucky couples that just became engaged or you are in the middle of planning your wedding, here is a little 'budget relief': FREE PLATINUM WEDDING BANDS!

The contest is two fold:

1. Two Hundred (200) lucky winners will win a Platinum Engagement Survival Kit from Platinum Guild International. PGI created this kit with Allure magazine. The kit contains aspirin, stain remover, hair spray and Sparkle-Sparkle jewelry cleaner.

2. Four (4) of the Survival Kit Winners will also receive a set of platinum wedding bands from Novell Design Studio.

To enter the contest, simply click on this link or the photo of the survival kit. The Contest ends on January 7, 2009. Good Luck!


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