Three years is not three days! Gift Ideas to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary.

"Trois ans n'est pas de trois jours!" (Three Years is not three days!)- one of the quips my late Grandmother once told me...

Of course the three can be replaced with 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. Haitian proverbs/sayings are always so simple yet profound in their meaning. To get to three years, it definitely takes patience, flexibility, ingenuity and determination. As we continue to celebrate our Third Anniversary, we thought it would be great to talk about gift suggestions for those celebrating their Third Anniversary. One of the books we keep in our Wedding Library is The Meaning of Wedding Anniversaries by Gretchen Scold and Ann Field. It has definitely been a great resource we have made available to our clients, friends and family as that special date approaches for their loved ones.

What gifts are suggested for the 3rd Anniversary:

1. Traditional Gift: Leather. Because of its durability, warmth, flexibility and resiliency; leather represents the qualities that help marriages continue to thrive.

2. Contemporary/Modern Gift: Crystal. Crystal has a beauty that dazzles when the light dances off the multifaceted surface. The crystal reminds us of how a couple in a meaningful marriage can touch the lives of others.

Some other things to note for a 3rd Anniversary:
Gemstone: Pearl or Jade
Color: White or Jade Green
Flower: Fuchsia

Florals from Martha Stewart Weddings/ Modern crystal vase from Architects Touch/ Jade Jewelry from Jade Gift . com/A deluxe leather desk set from American Bridal/ Pearl earrings from Anne Belaggio/ Fuschia clutch bag from Lanvin Fashion Show Spring 2009 Collection, Paris.

This is a list of Anniversary gift ideas compiled from The Meaning of Wedding Anniversaries and the Chicago Public Library :
Through our resources we have information for gifts from Anniversary ONE through ONE HUNDRED! We can help you plan your celebration or that family celebration to honor your loved ones celebrating their Anniversary.


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