NWR: I am so moved, it is just EXTRAordinary!

"Change your thoughts change your world."

These last 3 months, I've only watched two channels: CNN & Fox. This election has truly been a humbling time for me. It has taught me to reflect on our responsibilities to our country and its future. It has re-invigorated me to have hope in how we can bring about change. Three weeks ago I voted absentee (as I have in the last 2 Presidential elections) in the hopes that this nation can move forward from the set backs we've experienced in our economic and social issues we've seen over the last few months and years. Now, in tears, I can say I am experiencing history. A woman was almost our 44th VP and an African American man is our 44th President!

The people have spoken and our diverse nation hopes to move forward and rebuild ourselves as a country.


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