The Joie de Vie Stimulus Package: Thirty dollar gas card to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary!

Of course we are still in celebration mode!

As part of our ongoing celebration I thought it would be appropriate to help 'stimulate' our economy by having a great giveaway for our 3rd Anniversary. With gas prices dropping this giveaway will definitely make a difference for the compact, luxury or SUV driver (in Florida at least). We will use a random integer generator to select the winner of the gas card.

How do you enter, simply reply in the comments section of the Joie de Vie blog. On Sunday (12:01 am) we will use the random intege.r generator to select the winner. The question is simply this:

What is the most unique anniversary gift you ever receive, gave or heard of someone receiving?
Yes, it is that simple
Photo Credit: Limited Time Rewards


elisa said…
I received a custom piece of jewelry for my twentieth anniversary... It's a diamond encrusted "20".... and it's quite a conversation piece...! ;)

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