Our New Website!

I am really excited about the new Joie de Vie web site. For a while now many who have gone on our homepage have only found a Front Page. As we finish the site we've switched the home page to the blog so many of can be aware of our blog as the new web site is completed. This has definitely been a labor of love and we are looking forward to relaunching the site.

I am about to cheat and give you a sneak peak of what we have in the works...
Our new site designer is a perfectionist and he will kill me when he sees this post (sheepishly laughing) but I could not resist the temptation! You will also see some changes here on the blog as far as regular features and the layout/design of the blog. Thank you for your patience as we get 'situated'.


Kerline Docteur said…
I did of course get the call from the webmaster! LOL

He said he saw my blog post...he he he.
Can youn please post the contact info for your web designer?
Kerline Docteur said…
My web designer is in the S. Florida Area. If you would like his information, please give me a call at the office, 407-296-4008.

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