My top reads in the blogosphere...

One thing about blogs, they are very ADDICTIVE. As busy as our days and weekends are I find that blogs are on my list of guilty pleasures to read and be inspired by. It amazes me how from day to day I find one more interesting blog that I want to add to my must reads. Well, one of my favorites (in my top 4) is definitely Style Me Pretty! Abby always finds more and more ways to inspire professionals, brides and any one who loves anything bridal.

I also enjoy reading Sprakliatti. This is Sasha Souza's blog and she blogs about any and everything. She always has some great finds and new trends to share. I had the pleasure of meeting her last month at the ISES Gala Awards and she told me that she was shocked that so many people thought she wasn't the one writing her blog. Well I can attest to this, I've been reading her blog for a while and after talking to her for over nearly 2 hours that night...she is definitely the writer on her blog. Her wit is all over that page.

Now from a professional standpoint, I heart The Smart Planner and the Weddex. These two blogs are like my Phantom PR firm, they always offer great insight into our industry and really have given us some additional tools to make us better professionals. Liene, the genius behind the Smart Planner, always brings me at least three weekly topics that keep me on my toes and make me think "hmm now that made complete sense". Rebecca, the wedding guru (I am not exaggerating - the woman is brilliant) has definitely helped to shape our industry over the last few years. She is the go-to-consultant for many firms around the world.

In this industry it is EXTREMELY important to stay on top of the trends and innovations and here at Joie de Vie we are determined to do so. Thank goodness for RSS feeds, I would not get any work done otherwise...

Happy Monday!


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