Shoe-ture: Angela Nuran Shoes!

When you as the bride are planning your big day a big part of that is most definitely YOU. Your dress, hair, make-up, accessories and other details add to the excitement of the wedding. The shoes you wear are a MAJOR component of your attire. You want shoes that are cute and hopefully (although rarely) comfortable. Often times my clients end up switching out their shoes for either comfortable ballerina shoes, flats, a lower heel or flip-flops. Well ladies, how would you like to be able to dance the night away in comfortable shoes that you walked down the aisle in? It's not impossible...put the Stuart Weitzmans, Manolo Blahniks or Guisseppe's aside. Angela Nuran Shoes can knock all of the above out the water.

In March I met Angela Nuran Gokturk of Angela Nuran Shoes. We were both helping with the S. Florida Brides Against Breast Cancer gown sale. She made her shoes available to the brides to try on and purchase. Needless to say many of the brides left with a pair to match their Amsale, Reem Accra and Lazaro gowns. I fell in love with these beautiful yet very comfortable heels. Until you try one on, you won't understand how comfortable they are. And ladies I am sure many of you are questioning the components of the shoe. Let me break it down for you:

  1. The heel: it can be as high as 3 1/2 inches tall,

  2. Superior padding and extremely comfortable,

  3. Feather light construction & flexible, non-slip suede sole,

  4. Swarovski crystal non snag buckle,

  5. Hook angle strap (in other words no fraying and realy easy to slip on and off),

  6. Comes in a variety of colors so you can match it with your gown and the gowns/dresses of your attendants and other women in your bridal party.

I spoke with Nuran and she told me that the shoes are being carried by some of the finest bridal salons across the country (S. Florida, NYC, Michigan and Texas) as well as in Canada. I'm hoping that the Collection or Solutions will soon carry the shoes here in Orlando. If not, you can always go online to the website


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