Do You Need A Professional Bridal Consultant?

As brides begin to plan their weddings, there is always a cross road of sorts. At that point you may or may not decide to bring in a Professional Bridal Consultant to help execute YOUR vision on your most important day. In addition to helping make your wedding dreams come true within your budget, a consultant saves you time. We're not even going to take into account the costly mistakes you may make in the planning process. Today's bridal couples and their families do not have enough time for the detailed planning and work that a beautiful wedding requires.

Now if you want to take care of all the planning yourself, by all means do, but I strongly recommend you consider having a consultant come in for the tail end of the planning process and the coordination. Many consultants provide a "day of" service. We like to say there is no such thing as "day of" because we don't just show up at the rehearsal and try to figure it out. It's truly more like a month of or 6-8 weeks out type of planning. Be sure to go to sites like the Association of Bridal Consultants ( or the Association of Wedding Professionals International ( to find a Certified or Professional Consultant.


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