What's In A Name?

When I was selecting the name of my business in 2005 it was such a interesting phase. Here I was trying to figure out what catchy, clever or charming name I should select that would describe my vision and my services. It was a hard one. FINALLY I walked away from the pages of scribbled out names. I explained my dilemma to a relative and she asked me one simple question and the name was born. She asked me, "Why are you starting this company?" My reply was simple: This will be the joy of my life...en français ma joie de vie. With that one question, my company name was in my hands. Joie de vie, not be confused with joie de vivre, is truly an expression that best describes my company. I enjoy planning social events and those life events that mark the beginning of a new family, new traditions and the memories that will be there for a life time.


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