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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Win a Platinum Wedding Band Set For You And Yours!

One of the beautiful parts of the Holiday Season is that many beautiful couples become engaged. The excitment that comes with that is one shared with friends, family and loved ones. Well if you are one of those lucky couples that just became engaged or you are in the middle of planning your wedding, here is a little 'budget relief': FREE PLATINUM WEDDING BANDS!

The contest is two fold:

1. Two Hundred (200) lucky winners will win a Platinum Engagement Survival Kit from Platinum Guild International. PGI created this kit with Allure magazine. The kit contains aspirin, stain remover, hair spray and Sparkle-Sparkle jewelry cleaner.

2. Four (4) of the Survival Kit Winners will also receive a set of platinum wedding bands from Novell Design Studio.

To enter the contest, simply click on this link or the photo of the survival kit. The Contest ends on January 7, 2009. Good Luck!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Cans For Comments

It's Friday! LOL

I have to thank my fellow bloggers, Lienne Stevens and Anne Ruthmann for the inspiration for this post.. With the holiday season here, it always causes many of us to be reflective and grateful for our friends, family and loved ones. Of course this is also the time of year that many of us increase our giving. Joie de Vie is also determined to increase its giving. The economy's twists and turns have truly affected many and now more than ever we all need to help those less fortunate than we are.

All of the above to say that from now until noon December 23rd all comments on my blog will result in one (1) canned good being donated to the Orlando Union Rescue Mission (OURM) Home. The OURM is actually one of the first places I volunteered at in Orlando (Waaaaay back in the day when I was a sophomore in high school) and it was and still is a humbling experience for me.

The OURM Home is 174-bed "transitional" housing facility, not an emergency shelter. Homeless women, children and families live in the Home for up to nine months, or until they are able to support themselves and move out on their own.The Home presently serves from 250 homeless families per year. The goal is to provide a safe, comfortable environment and to keep families intact while treating the problems which lead to homelessness.

For brides out there thinking of a favor idea...this would be an awesome way to give a meaningful favor. You can make a donation to a charity of your choice and have 'in lieu of' cards instead of a favor.

SO...GIVE YOUR COMMENTS AND WE WILL DONATE THE CANNED GOODS! Our goal is 100 cans! For those that follow our blog on Facebook or Twitter I just ask that the comments come through my actual blog (makes it easier to track).

(Photo Credit: Canned goods photo taken from Anne Ruthmann's blog)

Monday, December 1, 2008

NWR: World Aids Day 2008

Today is World Aids Day and I thought it would be appropriate to post a few words on the blog.
Twenty years ago the reported number of AIDS cases were nearing 80,000 with one known anti-HIV treatment. Today the numbers are staggeringly higher (33 million) and more than 2 dozen anti-HIV drugs.

Education is probably one of the best forms of prevention...

Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise. For more information go to:

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blog Love: Planning tips for a 'Magazine-Worthy Wedding'.

(some of my favorite weddings

I hope you all are enjoying this holiday weekend! With a rare weekend off, I was able to get caught up on some blog reading and saw a great blog post by my fellow ABC member in the Jacksonville area, Cassandra Cherneski of Flaire Weddings.

Cassie gave some very insightful tips for her area brides as to how to make their wedding 'pop'. Take a moment to read her tips for 5 Steps to a Magazine-Worthy Wedding.

Monday, November 24, 2008

And the winner is...

(Dudududududum! - fake drum roll)

Our contest winner is none other than our beloved colleague, Elisa Delgardio of A Flair For Affairs. She will receive a $30 gas card. Perfect timing with gas dropping below $2 per gallon.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Professional Head Shots

In October, I contacted a few of my favorite area professionals regarding our Wedding Professional Wednesday feature. One of my local professionals came up with a very unique concept that we will debut on the blog really soon. In the meantime, I also shot a few new professional 'head shots' for Joie de Vie.

Last night, I finally got a chance to sit with Arturo of Artz Photo to look at the head shots. I don't want to really tell you much about Arturo for now because he will be on one of the upcoming features. I will tell you this much, he had just won FOUR photography awards the night before in a competition amongst his peers in the area. I have had the pleasure of working with Arturo over the last five years and I can truly say his work is PHENOMENAL!

The new head shots are great and I wanted to show two of the shots. One of the shots is my new profile picture you can find here on the blog. Another favorite is this one...
Thank you again Arturo!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Joie de Vie Stimulus Package: Thirty dollar gas card to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary!

Of course we are still in celebration mode!

As part of our ongoing celebration I thought it would be appropriate to help 'stimulate' our economy by having a great giveaway for our 3rd Anniversary. With gas prices dropping this giveaway will definitely make a difference for the compact, luxury or SUV driver (in Florida at least). We will use a random integer generator to select the winner of the gas card.

How do you enter, simply reply in the comments section of the Joie de Vie blog. On Sunday (12:01 am) we will use the random intege.r generator to select the winner. The question is simply this:

What is the most unique anniversary gift you ever receive, gave or heard of someone receiving?
Yes, it is that simple
Photo Credit: Limited Time Rewards

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Three years is not three days! Gift Ideas to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary.

"Trois ans n'est pas de trois jours!" (Three Years is not three days!)- one of the quips my late Grandmother once told me...

Of course the three can be replaced with 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. Haitian proverbs/sayings are always so simple yet profound in their meaning. To get to three years, it definitely takes patience, flexibility, ingenuity and determination. As we continue to celebrate our Third Anniversary, we thought it would be great to talk about gift suggestions for those celebrating their Third Anniversary. One of the books we keep in our Wedding Library is The Meaning of Wedding Anniversaries by Gretchen Scold and Ann Field. It has definitely been a great resource we have made available to our clients, friends and family as that special date approaches for their loved ones.

What gifts are suggested for the 3rd Anniversary:

1. Traditional Gift: Leather. Because of its durability, warmth, flexibility and resiliency; leather represents the qualities that help marriages continue to thrive.

2. Contemporary/Modern Gift: Crystal. Crystal has a beauty that dazzles when the light dances off the multifaceted surface. The crystal reminds us of how a couple in a meaningful marriage can touch the lives of others.

Some other things to note for a 3rd Anniversary:
Gemstone: Pearl or Jade
Color: White or Jade Green
Flower: Fuchsia

Florals from Martha Stewart Weddings/ Modern crystal vase from Architects Touch/ Jade Jewelry from Jade Gift . com/A deluxe leather desk set from American Bridal/ Pearl earrings from Anne Belaggio/ Fuschia clutch bag from Lanvin Fashion Show Spring 2009 Collection, Paris.

This is a list of Anniversary gift ideas compiled from The Meaning of Wedding Anniversaries and the Chicago Public Library :
Through our resources we have information for gifts from Anniversary ONE through ONE HUNDRED! We can help you plan your celebration or that family celebration to honor your loved ones celebrating their Anniversary.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Relaunch of Joie de Vie Weddings & Events Website as we celebrate our 3rd Anniversary!

We cannot believe it! Joie de Vie Weddings & Events is three years old!

What better way to kick off our third anniversary tomorrow than to RELAUNCH our website. Good-bye to the front page! Over the last few months our wonderful web designer and programmer have worked hand in hand answering all our questions and making all of the changes. They were painstakingly PATIENT...yes we took our time. It was all worth the wait. We are happy to share with you our new website!

Please take a moment to browse our new site at . Discover all of its features, its not the typical site so open your mind and click away. We invite you to leave your comments and feedback in the comment section of this post.

We do want to say thank you to all of our former clients as well as the following photographers that captured their special moments:
Be sure to check the blog next week as we will have some special give-aways as we celebrate our Anniversary!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hard Hat Area: Under Construction!

Lately we have had a few cosmetic changes here on the blog as we prepare to launch the new site. Please bear with us over the next few days as we tweak the blog in preparation of our site relaunch! We've managed to not accidentally erase the blog, but there may be times where the font is washed out or the backgrounds seem out of whack. We are perfecting (or getting as close to perfect) as we can.

A labor of love is finally coming to an

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blog Love: Southern Weddings Magazine Blog

Southern Weddings Magazine has a beautiful blog that is a great resource to many brides. I was truly excited to see that they have RELAUNCHED their blog.

The blog is absolutely wonderful. You will find beautiful and inspiring real weddings along with idea boards that can help you envision your special day. The magazine will be available after the holidays.
A few months ago I found out that we would have a featured listing on the relaunched blog, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw our logo featured on the blog page. Below is the logo that my graphic designer designed. He swears its the smallest graphic he has ever had to create!
Take a moment to visit their blog and be sure to show them some love!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NWR: I am so moved, it is just EXTRAordinary!

"Change your thoughts change your world."

These last 3 months, I've only watched two channels: CNN & Fox. This election has truly been a humbling time for me. It has taught me to reflect on our responsibilities to our country and its future. It has re-invigorated me to have hope in how we can bring about change. Three weeks ago I voted absentee (as I have in the last 2 Presidential elections) in the hopes that this nation can move forward from the set backs we've experienced in our economic and social issues we've seen over the last few months and years. Now, in tears, I can say I am experiencing history. A woman was almost our 44th VP and an African American man is our 44th President!

The people have spoken and our diverse nation hopes to move forward and rebuild ourselves as a country.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary Eusther & Inol

I can truly say I love 99.99% of my couples by the time they walk down the aisle. Seriously! A colleague once told me they become like your children and you are overjoyed as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

Last year I had the privilege of working with a beautiful South Florida couple, Eusther and Inol. Eusther is a FAMU alumnus and it was so much fun helping her and Inol plan their 'Cinderella' themed wedding in Boca Raton. From the first few meetings, I could tell that this couple (like most of my couples) had truly built a beautiful foundation for their marriage. I can't believe it has been a year. Happy 1st Anniversary!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wedding Professional Wednesday: Greenery Productions

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of sitting with Tommy Murphy one of the creative forces behind Greenery Productions. It was a great day as we talked about the industry and the trends that we find in floral design and decor. I was also given a tour of the production area for not only the weddings division but the commercial division as well. So, with pleasure I present to you our 2nd Professional Spotlight: Greenery Productions.

Name: Tommy Murphy

Company: Greenery Productions, Inc.

Motto: Exceeding Expectations Every Time

Location: 2000 Universal Studios Plaza, Suite 750D

Number of Years in Business: 20


Blog Address:

Tell us a little about your business and the services you offer: Plant Interiorscape including maintenance; Holiday décor for corporate, residential and communities; Plant rental for commercials, production sets and events, Floral Design for corporate and social events including weddings, hotel or corporate weekly rotation and retail request. How did you get started? Linda Grier started the company by providing plant rental to Universal Studios for television sets and commercials. I began working at Greenery Productions June 2005 as the Sales & Marketing Manager. I was assigned accounts and soon realized there was a real need for specialty wedding floral and décor. Not only did we bring all our offerings to the next level, we created the buzz that Greenery Productions is an industry leader for weddings.

Any industry awards or recognition: Selected in 2006 as the floral and décor design team for the Knot Vendor Party for the Central Florida market and 2007 for the West coast market; numerous awards for holiday décor and interiorscape projects.

What is the inspiration you draw upon when producing your wedding floral design? I do a lot of research for floral that you don’t see everyday from within our industry, wedding magazines, event industry magazines and simply watching the trends from across the pond, to NY to our own backyard.

What are a few suggestions you would make to couples as they are looking for a floral designer for their special day? It is difficult and confusing to compare. Every design team sees things differently. If you see our work and we connect once you meet, then everything falls into place. We can provide a $25 centerpiece or a $500 centerpiece. A bouquet shouldn't be $350 unless it is filled with lily of the valley, stephanotis or gardenias. If it is, then you must have a really strong connection with the designer.

What professional organizations or networking are you a member of? Our company belongs to ISES (International Special Event Society, NACE, (National Association of Catering Executives) Association Bridal Consultants, Orlando Women’s League, National Interiorscape Network, Universal Orlando Foundation.

What are some of the newer trends you are seeing in design/decor and wedding florals? Eco-friendly is of course the BIG trend. For our industry you have to look a little deeper than the surface. What are we doing to minimize our carbon footprint? Creating more inviting settings rather than the traditional space.

What are your three favorite blogs besides the Joie de Vie blog?
Greenery Production's Blog
Unique Option's Blog
Preston Bailey's Blog

You can find more photos of Greenery Production's floral artistry on this slide show created by Central Florida photographer ABBY LIGA

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary Senttia & Gino!

(shame on me...I started this blog entry, but somehow never published it!)

Two years ago, today at this very moment, I along with my staff were watching the last dance of one of our beautiful couples, Senttia & Gino. They were such a beautiful couple and it was truly a pleasure working with them. Sadly, many of the photo files I had from their wedding died when my hard drive crashed last fall. Fortunately, I had this photo in an old AOL email.
Happy Anniversary guys!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Real Wedding: Beauty & Malik 7-26-2008 Professional Shots

We had the pleasure of helping a wonderful couple from Tampa as they planned their beautiful wedding this past July. Beauty & Malik wanted to ensure that their guests who were traveling from all over the US, the Virgin Islands and Haiti would have a night to remember. We had previously published the non-professional pictures on the blog. I was truly excited when I opened my email Tuesday afternoon and had an inbox full of beautiful photos. Bill Peck was the photographer and he truly caught the essence of the day for the Island Chic themed soiree. Here are the photos for you to enjoy:

The ceremony and reception took place at the beautiful Buena Vista Palace hotel. The cake from Cut The Cake was phenomenal. The florals were all designed by Morning Glory Florals (Josephine Germer).

The program and favors were a few of the printed items we designed here at Joie de Vie. It was hilarious as my staff got together to assemble these beautiful favors which were truly a unique touch incorporating Beauty & Malik's heritage and family traditions.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wedding Professional Wednesday: A Moment To Remember

One of the earliest weddings I coordinated was at the beautiful Leu Gardens. That was the first time that I worked with A Moment to Remember Video. A three year old company then, it was truly a pleasure to work with the new owners as they captured the moments on that important day for Jean and Emmanuella. Fast forward four years later it was a pleasure to chat with Joe Dorsey, the owner to talk about his company. They are the 2nd company we will highlight for our Wedding Professional Wednesday profile.
Name of your Company: A Moment to Remember Videography

Location: Orlando & Tampa
Number of Years in Business: 7 years. A Moment to Remember Video has been established since 2001

Staff: 3 owners and 1 part time staff person.


Tell us a little about your business and the services you offer: Professional, honest, non-cheesy, and reliable wedding videography servicing Tampa and Orlando.

How did you get started? I first started working in the industry in college at WOFL Fox 35. There, I, along with my partners honed our television skills and decided to head out on our own.

As far as the rewards go, we have earned various video production awards for a show we did for Children's Miracle Network. My company does a lot of corporate work as well. A Moment to Remember received the Knot's 2008 pick for the Best of Weddings Award.

What professional organizations or networking are you a member of? MCA-I (The Media Communications Association-International)

What is the inspiration you draw upon when producing your wedding videos? I try to be inspired by the music to set the tone for the edit. It determines the type of cuts I make.

What are a few suggestions you would make to couples as they are looking for a videographer to capture their wedding memories? Make sure you trust the person you're dealing with and that you have a good rapport with them. That is as important as almost anything else.

Take a moment to visit their website to see how they can capture the memories for your next event.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Color, Color Everywhere!

Fall is officially here (as of 9/22) and our Fall and Winter brides are putting the final touches to their wedding plans. Our spring Brides on the other hand are considering different color palettes for their beautiful day. There are definitely great color palettes that have emerged for the spring season along with some great resources as you prepare for your Spring wedding.

Newly released is the PANTONE fashionCOLOR REPORT for SPRING 2009. It is a semiannual report that introduces the new pantone colors. This is a great resource for you as you decide what colors you want to represent your day.

Here is an excerpt from the report: Spring traditionally evokes a sense of freshness and new beginnings, with sprouting shoots and blossoming flowers that inspire designers to breakout of the winter doldrums. Bright colors return to the top 10 list for spring ’09, as designers incorporate vibrant pops into their collections, yet temper the vibrancy with deeper, translucent or neutral tones.

What are the colors you may ask? Well here they are:
Click on the palette above to enlarge it...better yet, pull up the full report so that you can read how many of the top designers are incorporating the new palette into their new spring line.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My top reads in the blogosphere...

One thing about blogs, they are very ADDICTIVE. As busy as our days and weekends are I find that blogs are on my list of guilty pleasures to read and be inspired by. It amazes me how from day to day I find one more interesting blog that I want to add to my must reads. Well, one of my favorites (in my top 4) is definitely Style Me Pretty! Abby always finds more and more ways to inspire professionals, brides and any one who loves anything bridal.

I also enjoy reading Sprakliatti. This is Sasha Souza's blog and she blogs about any and everything. She always has some great finds and new trends to share. I had the pleasure of meeting her last month at the ISES Gala Awards and she told me that she was shocked that so many people thought she wasn't the one writing her blog. Well I can attest to this, I've been reading her blog for a while and after talking to her for over nearly 2 hours that night...she is definitely the writer on her blog. Her wit is all over that page.

Now from a professional standpoint, I heart The Smart Planner and the Weddex. These two blogs are like my Phantom PR firm, they always offer great insight into our industry and really have given us some additional tools to make us better professionals. Liene, the genius behind the Smart Planner, always brings me at least three weekly topics that keep me on my toes and make me think "hmm now that made complete sense". Rebecca, the wedding guru (I am not exaggerating - the woman is brilliant) has definitely helped to shape our industry over the last few years. She is the go-to-consultant for many firms around the world.

In this industry it is EXTREMELY important to stay on top of the trends and innovations and here at Joie de Vie we are determined to do so. Thank goodness for RSS feeds, I would not get any work done otherwise...

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Why we do what we do...

"Love is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it allows me to survive, and better than that, to thrive with passion, compassion, and style." -Maya Angelou

Photo credit: Kolodny Photography

When I first read this quote by Maya Angelou I wrote it and put a copy of it in my wallet. I also keep a copy of Invictus (poem by William Ernest Henly) in my wallet and I have pulled it out many times over the years. But Ms. Angelou's words are very profound. I can honestly say that it is the basis of what I do.

I am a Professional Bridal Consultant & Event Planner because I love helping others plan such momentous moments and events in their lives. It is truly a privilege to be able to help couples as they plan their special moment where they stand before those they love and express their intentions, love, fidelity and faith in one another. It is such an intimate moment and to be able to be a part of that is truly priceless. So I too strive with compassion and style as I look at every aspect of the wedding. I want the couples day to reflect their styles, their spirit and their love. No cookie cutter here, I don't have time for it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wedding Professional Wednesday: THE SPECIAL E

We thought the Special E would be a great organization for our new feature on the blog: Wedding Professional Wednesday! We hope to feature a Wedding Professional on a weekly basis so that you are aware of the talent we have in the Central Florida Area.
Between the hurricanes the last few weeks and attending the Knot party it truly reminded me how we each can make a difference to help our environment. One of the featured vendors at last week's party was the Special E.

Who are they you may ask? In their own words: The Special E is a unique "green" service that rescues leftovers from meetings, conferences, trade shows, banquets, parties, weddings, and special events, then recycles them in ways that help our planet and people in need.

At last weeks Knot Party all of the florals from the event were taken by Special E to the MD Anderson Cancer Center. I can only imagine how a fresh floral arrangement can brighten up a room or even better the spirit of someone undergoing treatment in a medical facility

I visited the Special E site and found they had a very informative Frequently Asked Questions page that truly highlighted the wonderful work they are doing for our environment and our world. You can click here to be redirected to their website.

- What types of programs can you rescue leftovers from?
A - We can rescue leftovers from any type of event at which food will be served or will have leftover items such as flowers, excess promotional products, giveaways, etc.

- Where is this service available?
A - We can rescue leftovers from events taking place in 30 major markets across the country. If you're wondering whether our service is available in your area, give us a call and we'll let you know.

- Is there a fee to use our service?
A - Yes. We charge a fee to cover the cost of administering this process and pay for any pick-up/delivery charges we incur while providing this service. The price is based on the type, size, location, and timing of the program you're planning and the leftover items you would like us to rescue.

- How do we make arrangements to have you rescue leftovers from a meeting, party, or event we're planning?
A - Just click the link to our RESCUE FORM from any page of our website. Once we receive it, we'll follow-up with you by phone or email to get a few more details on the program you're planning.

- What type of leftover food can we deliver to people in need?
A - Certain food can be delivered as long as it has not been partially eaten or served to your guests. It also must be kept refrigerated or frozen and delivered in a timely fashion. If you have any packaged goods that might have been given out at your event (i.e. as part of a gift basket), these can also be delivered to people in need.

- Isn't there a liability issue with regard to donating leftover food?
A - No. A law was enacted by Congress called the "Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act". This bill was put in place to encourage businesses and organizations to donate leftover food from events they plan. In doing so, they cannot be held liable should someone become ill from food that was donated in good faith. To learn more and view a copy of this important legislation, click here.

- What if there isn't any food leftover at the end of an event?
A - Our rescue team will still be rescuing other leftovers such as recyclables, flowers, excess supplies, etc. In addition, we offer a program called "Affaire Share" which enables your clients to purchase care packages that will feed the same number of people in need as there are guests attending their events. So, even if there isn't any food leftover, your clients will still be able to feed people that are hungry and homeless.

- In addition to food and flowers, can you rescue any other items leftover after our event has ended that could be useful to people in need ?
A - Yes. For example, we can collect extra premiums or giveaways that could be useful to people that have lost their belongings in a natural disaster. To view a complete list of items we can rescue, click here.

- What is "Need-E"?
A - This is a charitable program we've developed that makes monetary donations to organizations that help people in need each time someone uses our service.

- What charities do we make donations to?
A - We make donations to a variety of charitable organizations that help people in need. This list includes groups that shelter the homeless, help stop hunger, fight disease, provide disaster relief, etc. To view a list of some of the charities we donate to, visit the Need-E page of our website.

Monday, September 15, 2008

PSA: Scam Alert

This post is really for my vendor friends out there in the wedding world. I received two emails today from two different sites two different names with the same content. This was the email:

My Name is <<>> ,I am looking for an experienced wedding planner who will handle my wedding and arrange the reception dinner for a group of people who will be attending the wedding ceremony.The wedding is expected to hold on the 29th of Nov. 2008 and 25 to 40 guests are expected to attend. As i do not know what the guests might choose for their meals and drinks, i will make a prepayment as initial deposit for this booking via credit card once availability is confirmed by you. You are to arrange for a venue for the wedding (its a civil wedding), a place for the reception ,Videography, Music Entertainment,Photography,cake and flowers.If there is any these items that is beyond your capability,you let us know so that another company can handle it. Get back to me with your response as we don't have much time with us so that we can process our accommodation within the region more convenient for you and us.
Best Regards,
Dr. <>..

Now, the second email had the same content but a different name and date. Now obviously this is a new scam. Please be on the look out for these sort of emails. Oddly enough I've read on a few different blogs where this has happened. I know Liene from the Smart Planner and Lauren from Perfect Memories have previously talked about this on their blogs and they both offered great solutions to avoid getting trapped by these scams. I stick the mantra that if it sounds too good to be true or even if it appears to be true, take the extra steps to ensure your payments are not fraudulent.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our New Website!

I am really excited about the new Joie de Vie web site. For a while now many who have gone on our homepage have only found a Front Page. As we finish the site we've switched the home page to the blog so many of can be aware of our blog as the new web site is completed. This has definitely been a labor of love and we are looking forward to relaunching the site.

I am about to cheat and give you a sneak peak of what we have in the works...
Our new site designer is a perfectionist and he will kill me when he sees this post (sheepishly laughing) but I could not resist the temptation! You will also see some changes here on the blog as far as regular features and the layout/design of the blog. Thank you for your patience as we get 'situated'.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Knot Party: Central Florida's Wedding Vendors know how to party.

Before I can even write about the experience I have to do this first:

Hats off to Tracy Marini, PBC and her staff at Eventfully Yours! Tracy did such a wonderful job putting together this years Knot Party that the last song played and everyone was still hanging around...that is what I call a party.

The Knot hosts industry events throughout the state and they always select one of the top area planners to plan and host the party. We are fortunate to have many wonderful Bridal Consultants in the Central Florida area and I can only imagine the difficulty in picking one to host this annual 'Shin-Dig'. Tracy did not disappoint. With "Green" being the biggest and most conscious trend in the wedding industry, it was great to see 'green' incorporated in many ways at the party. The decor, the food, desserts and favors all had green elements.. The party was themed "An Earth Friendly Evening".
The event was hosted at Ceviche. Ceviche is a BEAUTIFUL Tapas Bar & Restaurant in downtown Orlando. Needless to say the decor was on point and the food was FABULOUS. Oddly enough I had heard about these wonderful cupcakes from a new Cupcake Shoppe...wouldn't you know Sweet was one of the vendors that brought in the most sinfully delicious and decadent cupcakes you could ever taste! Tracy had a great team of vendors that pulled the evening together. The centerpieces and florals were all donated to the MD Anderson Center for Cancer and we all went home with potted herbs (I had rosemary) so that our favors were not ones that would go to waste.

Below are some beautiful shots taken by Brian Adams and he managed to catch us all on the dance floor. Brian was nice enough to link all of the photos on his site for us to view and download. Wedding professionals really how to party. It was nice to not stand on the sidelines while everyone was on the dance floor. Oh yeah, we worked too. Alan Greenburg a VP from the Knot spoke to us about latest trends and forecasts in the wedding industry.
Tracy, chapeaux bas -- hats off!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

NWR: Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones

I had the pleasure of personally meeting and talking to Congresswoman Jones in March at the Orange County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Incorporated's Eminence Affair. Congresswoman Jones was the speaker for the event. Her words were so encouraging to the Debutante Honorees. Meeting Congresswoman Jones was such an honor for me because I had read about her work and strides in local as well as national government. I was truly saddened when a friend called me and said that Congresswoman Jones had passed away on the 20th of August. Death always causes us to reflect on life and how we treat others. Naturally, it caused me to think of life and my friends and family. This woman was dedicated to Public Service. She demonstrated her commitment daily in her community, through her beloved sorority and her family. That commitment to service was there even in her death...she was an organ donor.

I express my sincere condolences to her family, friends and those she loved dearly. I know this is non-wedding related but it definitely caused me to reflect and also be reinvigorated to continue to live life with continued purpose and determination.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I've been blogged! LOL

Hello everyone! August has been a crazy month. Since blogging has been a learning process, I was truly humbled when my State Coordinator asked me to give a blogging presentation at our State Conference for the Association of Bridal Consultants. To 'prepare' for the presentation, I spent the better part of the summer reading different books on the subject.

The presentation went really well. Suprisingly the last session I gave included various members who had established blogs. I was really surprised when I opened my email to see an email from a colleague in Jacksonville. Heather Trimboli, ABC (tm) talked about my presentation in her blog. I truly appreciate the compliment especially coming from Heather.

Thank you Heather!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Island Chic! A tropical experience on 7-26-2008

It was truly an honor working with Beauty & Malik over the last few months as they prepared for their July celebration. Beauty (yes, that is the brides legal first name) was absolutely beautiful as she walked down the aisle to meet her groom. I remember when I first met with the couple at the beautiful Buena Vista Palace in March. They were such a fun loving couple and Beauty was determined to not overlook one single detail...she was not kidding. My bride who is of Haitian descent wanted to incorporate elements that paid homage to her heritage as well as the groom's heritage (Malik is from the Virgin Islands). It was truly a delight helping them come up with little details that would make their day uniquely theirs. Below are a few of the non-professional shots. The photographer, Bill Peck, will be forwarding photos as soon as they are available.

My Staff for the day was Frantz, Arlene and Elizabeth. As usual they made sure that every detail was attended to and thank heaven for them. I have to say my vendor team was truly an excellent one. Their professionalism and determination to make the day made the day a super one! At the end of the night the guests had nothing but great things to say about the wedding. Thank you to:

Venue: Buena Vista Palace (Angela Bachelor, Weddings Manager)

Photographer: Bill Peck Photography (Bill Peck)

Florals: Morning Glory Florals (Josephine Germer)

Videographer: A Moving Memory (James Flaskamp)

Entertainment: M.a.d.d. Vybez Entertainment (RaShall Mortimer & Sacha)

Cake: Cut the Cake (Julie Manning)

Chocolate Fountain: Chocolate Traditions ( Jill Sangster & Bill)

Officiant: Rev. Leroy Rose, III

Soloist: Mr. Kenneth Johnson

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Daytona is not just about the 500!

Last Thursday eight of my colleagues from the Association of Bridal Consultants and I set out on a 3 hour tour (sounds like the theme form Gilligan's Island, lol) of what Daytona has to offer for wedding and event venues. I was pleasantly surprised! I've lived in Central Florida for a little over 17 years and I had never been to the speedway! Well, I got a good taste of the speedway and two different sites which I now can refer my clients too.

Below are the photos with a brief description of our excursion.

STOP #1 The Daytona Speedway. Victory Lane Anyone? I would have never thought about hosting an event at the Daytona 500.

This is a great locale for weddings...yes weddings! There were several locations for that unique experience at the Speedway.

Row 1 - Ed Medici, Elise Enloe, Lynn Curran
Row 2- Kerline Docteur, Elisa Delgardio, Jennifer Bertling, Marcy Rodriguez, Andrea Cann & Creg Kennedy

ABC Members in the VIP Club lounge area. Birthday party? Bachelor Party? Hmmm...endless possibilities.

STOP #2: Tavern and Chapel in the Garden. This locale is a beautiful quaint chapel with beautiful garden areas for the wedding and the Tavern for the reception... all on the Halifax River. For the eccentric there is a unique train car that is great for showers, a grooms hangout prior to the ceremony or a great kids party.

This is one of the ceremony locations that faces the Halifax river.

One of the beautiful garden areas.

A glimpse of the train car that can be used for private functions or as a dressing area.

Stop# 3 The Shores Resort and Spa where we were able to view their beautiful outside wedding ceremony area and ballrooms. The shores hosted a beautiful lunch reception where we were able to see the talent of local area vendors.
Our lunch area. I loved these sugar cookies! The Pastry Studio placed these beautiful cookies at each place setting. We also had wonderful individual dessert cakes from this awesome local bakery.

Our luncheon was held in one of the ballrooms that overlooked the beach. The flowers were designed by a local florist at Details Flowers and Photography. Our linens were from BBJ Linen.

A fun time was had by all! It was a great day and it is always wonderful to sit with my colleagues and talk about the wonderful world of weddings. I look forward to bringing my next beach client to the Daytona area to look at the alternatives to a traditional setting.